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Chuck Braverman has run his own successful production company, been a senior studio executive, a college professor and Chair of the Film Department, the director of many television episodes, several MOW’s and an indie feature film.  He is the Executive Producer and Director of the current two hour network documentary “The Secret OJ Tapes: The Untold Story" and Executive Producer of “OJ Speaks: The Hidden Tapes.”


Two time Emmy winner Braverman has been nominated four times by the Directors Guild of America and won the DGA award for best feature documentary "High School Boot Camp" and was nominated for an Academy Award® for "Curtain Call."   In the last few years Chuck has produced for Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, A&E, Lifetime Movie Network, Discovery Times, HBO, TLC, Court TV, MSNBC, and Discovery Health and is currently the executive producer on two new feature documentaries "Tempest Storm" and “The Immortalists." In addition he was the co founder and managing director of The Westdoc Conference for documentary and reality filmmakers. 


After graduating from the Cinema Department at the University of Southern California, one of Chuck’s first projects was the history of the USA in three minutes. "American Time Capsule," the fast cut montage became an instant film classic and the largest selling educational film. Braverman Productions was born and Chuck produced many films and commercials for major clients including Xerox, Chevrolet, Goodyear, Kodak and more. Corporate films for Apple, Seagrams, Atlantic Records followed and David Bowie, Paul McCartney, ELO, Bob Seeger and many others hired Chuck to produce and direct their music videos. "What's Up America!" the Showtime documentary series was shot across the country and “The Big Laff Off” was the next Showtime series featuring then unknown comics Eddie Murphy, Jerry Seinfeld and more. Network television specials with stars Willie Nelson, Andy Kaufman, and Tony Bennett followed. 


Chuck produced and directed his first dramatic feature film the New York film noir thriller "Hit and Run" and directed episodic television shows including St. Elsewhere, Crazy Like a Fox, Life Goes On, Baywatch, Hercules, Beverly Hills 90210. Movies of the week include stars Mark Harmon, Kirstie Alley, Keanu Reeves and Kiefer Sutherland.

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OJ Speaks: The Hidden Tapes             A&E                         Two hour Documentary

Tempest Storm                                     2016                         Feature Documentary

The Immortalists                                 2015                          Feature Documentary

Weed Wars                                           2012                          Discovery Ch series

Twisted Sisters                                     2010                         MSNBC Special

American Pitbull                                  Docu Special

A Revolving Door                                  Oscar short list       HBO

Debutantes                                           Special                     A&E

Queen For A Day                                  Fox                            Synd pilot

Biography of Oscar®                           Two Hour special    A&E

Prison Medical                                    Special                      Discovery Ch

Sextuplets                                            Special                      Discovery Health

Season of the Grizzly                          Special                      Animal Planet

Making Marines                                 3 Hours                     Discovery Channel

Parris Island Drill Instructors           Special                      Discovery Channel

Original Gangster                               Special                      TLC

Hollywood On Hollywood                  Film Montage          Intrl Design Conf in Aspen

Look Back In Anger                             Showtime                Starring Malcolm McDowall

Andy Kaufman at Carnegie Hall       Special 

What’s Up America                             Showtime series      (31 hours)

The Big Laff Off                                   Showtime series      Eddie Murphy, Jerry Seinfeld

DTV                                                       Disney series            (60 Shows) Ace Award



Twister Attraction                               Universal City Florida

Hercules                                               Synd                           Universal TV

Bay Watch                                            Synd                           All American TV

Northern Exposure                             CBS                              Falsey/Brand/Universal

Final Shot: The Hank Gathers Story 2 Hr MOW                  Alexander Enright/Tribune Ent.

Melrose Place                                      Fox                              Aaron Spelling multiple eps

Beverly Hills 90210                              Fox                              Aaron Spelling Prods nine episodes

Gabriel’s Fire                                        ABC                             Warner Bros 

Freddy’s Nightmares                          Synd                            Lorimare Telepictures

FBI: The Untold Stories                       ABC Pilot                     The Arthur Company

Prince of Bel Air                                  2 Hr ABC MOW            Mark Harmon, Kirstie Alley

Brotherhood of Justice                       2 Hr ABC MOW            Kiefer Sutherland, Keanu Reeves

Life Goes On                                         ABC                              Warner Bros TV multiple episodes 

Freddy's Nightmares                          Synd                            Lorimar

The Wizard                                          ABC                              20th Century Fox

Shadow Chasers                                 ABC                               Warner Bros TV

Rags to Riches                                     NBC                              Len Hill Prods.

Sledge Hammer!                                 ABC                              New World multiple episodes

New Mike Hammer                           CBS                               Columbia TV

St. Elsewhere                                      NBC                              MTM multiple episodes

Crazy Like A Fox                                  CBS                              Columbia Television  multiple

Kenny Rogers' America                      CBS Special                 Ken Kragen Prods

Birth & Babies                                     ABC Special                 DGA Nominee/Best Director



Secret OJ Tapes                                   2 Hr Special                 Lifetime Movie Network

Suspect                                                Pilot                              Court TV

Abused                                                 Oscar® short list        A&E Special

Caught In The Moment                     One Hour Pilot            Animal Planet

When Planes Go Down                      Special                         Discovery Channel

Bottom of the Ninth                          DGA Nom                     Indie Documentary

High School Boot Camp                     DGA WINNER              Discovery Channel 2 hr

Children of the Court                        DGA Nom                     Discovery Channel

Curtain Call                                        Oscar® Nominee        HBO/Cinemax

Hit and Run                                        Feature Film               Comworld Pictures

Hello, I Must Be Going - A Salute To Groucho                      Ha Channel Special

Richard Lewis I'm In Pain Concert                                        Showtime Special

Boy Meets Girl                                    HBO Special                 starring Billy Crystal

Willie Nelson at Lake Tahoe            Showtime Special 

Teddy Pendergrass Plays Tahoe      Showtime Special 

Tony Bennett Sings                           Showtime Special 

Roadshow                                          NBC Special                  Stars, John  Candy, Tom Waits

American Time Capsule                   Smothers Bros             history of the USA in 3 minutes

Two Cops                                            Award winning documentary

The Making of Beatlemania            Emmy nominee          Syndicated special

The Television Newsman                Emmy winning special

Breathe a Sigh of Relief                    Emmy winning special

Oscars' First Fifty Years                    For the Mot. Pic. Acad.  with Jack Lemmon

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