Some of our work, old and new.
Secret Tapes of the OJ Case
Psychological profile of O.J. Simpson Produced and Directed for A&E Networks
Weed Wars
Episode 1 of the Discovery Channel mini series about the largest medical marijuana dispensary.
What happens when a young women kills her alleged "boyfriend?"
A Revolving Door
Documentary about a middle class family dealing with their son's dual diagnosis of drug and mental issues.
Making Marines
Parris Island Marine Corps Boot Camp documentary during 911.
Twisted Sister
Female body builders; how and why.
American Pitbull
This film is about pits and the people from every walk of life, who breed, raise, love, and sometimes fight these maligned canines.
Homeless In Paradise
The intimate lives of four homeless people in a beautiful beach city.
Curtain Call
Academy Award Oscar© nominated documentary short about the Actors Fund Retirement home in Englewood, NJ.
Peanuts to the Presidency
In the tradition of “The Making of The President,” this film weaves a unique story of the unknown peanut farmer campaigning to become president.
Bottom of the Ninth
Into the heart and soul of the world of professional minor league baseball.
The Sixties
A compelling 15 minute collage of images, sounds, music, juxtaposed to tell a gripping story of the decade.
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Brotherhood of Justice 

Prince of Bel Air two hour movie starring Mark Harmon and Kirstie Alley

"World of '68" short film on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

Early episode of Sledge Hammer I directed. 

Opening title sequence of the feature film Soylent Green